Bioponica was founded to pursue the science of soilless gardening, namely aquaponics.

As we learned more about the specific needs plants we began to make assesments regarding the source of nutrients. We learned that aquaponic fish urine is limited with respect to minerals and phosphorus, hence it's difficult to grow some plants. This led us to discover bioponics, a process we have pioneered that looks at all nutrients sources to fertilize plants in soilless growing environments.

Teaching teachers about farming sustainability.

Bioponica offers hands on workshops and classroom education for teachers wanting to incorporate the latest in sustainable farming methods into their teaching curriculum. When students have a living laboratory at their fingertips, it makes science relevant, more understandable and fun.

Wheatgrass and Microgreens

Because wheatgrass and microgreens are so full of vitamins, chlorophyll and nutrients, it makes good sense to raise plenty of these organic greens and consume them daily. For commercial growers, there's not a more profitable choice of plants to farm.

Urban Gardening

Once it becomes widely appreciated that bioponics can be as easy as operating a washing machine our worldwide dependence on industrialized agriculture will become overcome. Before we are able to gain food and water security society will have to adopt more efficient methods of gardening so that there may be a productive garden in every home, in every region. To do this our methods must be closed loop, sourcing water from rain and fertilizer from waste. By utilizing food and biomass waste instead of allowing it to form greenhouse gasses, the environment will also become more hospitable to all living organisms.