About Us

Bioponica is an Atlanta based company innovating modular farming systems that demonstrates a new method of sustainability.  

Our systems and process hosts a complex microbial ecosystem to grow plants and fish without manufactured fertilizers while minimizing labor, conserving water and recycling waste.

Food Plant Grow Modules:

  • Materials: Food grade, recycled HDPE, Metal Pipes, manufactured entirely in the US.
  • Multiple sizes, designs, configurations for fish, worms and plants. 
  • Patent pending grow modules - Corrugated grow beds with interlocked fish and nutrient tanks
  • Patent Pending Trickle Valves - For flood and drain, NFT and deep water culture setups

Integrated Food Plant: 

  • A multi-unit food producing facility with focus on water, nutrient and energy independence and labor minimization.
  • Greenhouse enclosed complex with with operational efficiencies for heating, cooling, CO2, harvest, labor and space utilization.
  • Encompassing all elements of plant growing, aquaculture, worm farming, onsite fertilizer and feeds, waste recycling, water conservation. 
  • Food Hub with attached kitchen, cafe-juice bar and training center.

Bioponica's grow tables and aquaponic / hydroponics / bioponics systems are appropriate for growing food at all scales, from greenhouse agriculture to smal urban farms, school gardens, and growing sustainable food at home.