Frequently Asked Questions as they pertain to this new method of soilless farming, bioponics.  

Aquaculture - How does it fit in? Never required, always welcomed.

Bioponics - What is it? How does it work? What does it take?

Ecology - Hosting lliving ecosystems to perform the labor of nutrient cycling.

Education - All levels of teaching and research to advance the future of farming.

Environment - Why bioponic farmers are stewards of the environment. 

Grow Media - Much more than just lightweight porous stones. It's alive!

Horticulture - Signs, symptoms and recommdations. 

Labor - The greatest impediment to sustainable organic farming lifted.

Fertilizers - Derived from entirely organic sources, because that's the way it was meant to be.

Profitability- What's profitable? What's not? How much can we make per square foot? 

Technique - Beyond flood & drain and deep water culture, you'll learn to manage microbes, recycle nutrients and keep it organic.    

Vermiculture - For waste management, for profits, for fish and animal feed and for good earth.

Waste & CO2 - Bioponics is about recycling waste, absorbing carbon and avoiding costs associated with manufactured anything. 

Water - Yes, it conserves 90% of water used per square foot for inground gardeing, but contained water can also be made dynamic, activated and alive with natural vortex flow.