Organic Living Grow Media

bioponic soilless grow media organic blend

An enhanced or "mature" soilless bioponic grow media has very specific characteristics that allow us to build a fertile environment for the plant roots.

The function of a proper grow media is to provide a mechanical and biological environment to filter water of organic nutrients and the inorganic bi-products of recycled organic acids, namely ammonia. The entire food web of organisms, living within the soilless media, are harnessed to mimick and optimize the best features of soil-like conditions.

Beyond the basic similarities in soilless technique and water recirculation, bioponics differs from hydroponics. Bioponics is strictly against the use of manufactured chemicals and mined salts. Hydroponics relies on a calculated measure of petro-derived ammonias, nitrogens and mined phosphates and chloride minerals. Because of its eco-dependency, bioponic soilless media must not see these sorts of abrupt chemical introductions as it will destroy the very organisms that give us fertilizer from the organic solids that cycle into the grow beds. 

Bioponics media blend is structured to retain just enough water between flood and drain cycles to keep roots moist and organisms thriving, yet never oversaturated or stagnant of oxygen. Mechanically and biologically the bioponic grow media provides a high surface area of binding sites for organic acids from the natural fertilizer and microbes that share those sites.   


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