Microbes and the Grow Bed Food Web

The Soil Food Web

The Bioponica growing process requires a living ecosystem of organisms within a well balanced grow media.

While there is no clay, sand nor humus in the Bioponica grow beds, organic residues from leachate teas provides nourishment, primarily by feeding colonies of typical soil-born organisms. That thriving ecosystem maintains a steady recycling of nutrients that also feeds the plants' roots. To achieve this our growing environment depends on the organic leachings and a proper host environment of soilless growing media.

Within the fish tanks, a fertile pond has a healthy balance of life provided initially by the biomass fertilizer that gives rise to algae.

That provides microscopic organisms that feed on the algae and their predators a balanced diet all the way along the food chain.

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Questions and Answers

What is the primary benefit of microbes, nematodes and other organisms in the grow media?

As they function to maintain fertility in the soil, microbes and other organisms provide characteristis to the rhizosphere or the plant root zone that enhances plant nutrient uptake and growth.