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Bio-Incubator 20' vertical grow bed and fish tank


Three level Bio-Incubator 20' x 4'

This is one of three commercial sized Bioponica grow modules recently installed at the City of Refuge. The goal of the non-profit organization is to improve access to healthy food in a compromised neighborhood.

By embracing this sustainable method the shelter will be able to demonstrate their commitment to innovations that advance low labor, high yield methods of gardening that use 90% less water and supplies all nutrients from on-site kitchen. Food waste as well as grass clippings provide all the nutrients required by plants.

In regions of the world where there is little access to any biomas, human urine may be used. In fact, urine is a complete, plant ready (when diluted) nutrient source.  It is typically sterile and when used in a soilless growing environment, with a healthy ecosystem that includes  microorganisms, urine provides essential elements to create an entire food web.

Bioponica's  food producing/gray water recylcing modules will recycle nutrients. With aerobic grow beds and vortex water implosion forces, we believe even pathogens introduced into such a system (fish, bird poop, dog poop (from grasses, etc) will be minimized or eliminated. Bioponica does not use chicken manures or other animal feces to its Biogarden grow systems to avoid pathogen risk. And besides, there are a lot less nutrients in feces than in the foods that fed the animals, or people in the first place.



The best sources of nutrients are either in the cuttings or trimmings of plants, grass and other green biomas, as well as urine, which is a clean extract of the important sources of NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, plus trace minerals and other useful produces of digestion.

Bioponica will offer tours of the facility. Sign up for newsletter to receive updates and workshop dates. Facebook for general feedback.



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