"Will it be profitable?" is the first question when considering a commercial investment in agriculture.

Profitability is a condition for sustainability. When profit is measured by revenue there must be top priorities given to the classic and potential streams of income and to the lowering of overhead costs.

Bioponica provides a questionnaire to its clients requesting feedback before the commencement of any consultations. In terms of plant and fish production, what are the goals of the owner? How will it be possible to compete with a subsidized food economy to make a small garden profitable? This is a big picture perspective from where one should begin in their profitable growing operation design.

When we are asked how productive and ultimately profitable our systems are in comparison to common other methods of in-ground and soilless farming, Bioponica assists the client to understand real income opportunities related to plant selection and market and to accurately anticipate overhead costs in comparison to a more sustainable bioponic growing approach.

Where there is food, people will come, over and over, day in and day out.  Instead of driving to community markets or distributing produce off-site, we believe it is best for community growers to secure all food sales profits under one roof, from ‘farm to fork'.

‘Profitability' should also include the non-monetary values perceived by the patrons and community at large. Provide onsite education and jobs training around sustainability, ecology, agriculture and nutrition and a Food Plant grow facility will be profitable in other ways.

When commercial urban growers can open the doors to the public and include just-picked, organic and prepared foods, there will always be patrons.  Why let the profits and processing of food be done off-site. An adjacent salad bar and juice café has always been our favorite model. 

Bioponica offers its commercial grow systems to resellers for their clients to take home a bioponic Food Plant™ of their own. Everyone will want to be a sustainable grower.

Farming can be very profitable, particularly in an urban area, when practiced with bioponics. It's not just about how many pounds of lettuce will you get per square foot as much as it is what else can you do with your growing operation to make it more beneficial and pleasing to the local community.

In a monetary society income defines the "value". Bioponics is profitable due to less overhead and greater yield. When resources define "value", a biological garden will likely be considered "priceless".

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