The Food Plant™ is Bioponica's approach to commercial aquaponics and sustainable urban farming.

Efficiencies of energy, water, plant fertilizer and fish feed characterize the level of sustainability achieved with this unique design. 

The site includes two bays 36' x 65' for growing wheatgrass, microgreens and a garden variety of produce, herbs and flowers. Plants will be marketed through sales in the adjacent Ponics Cafe™ and Juice Bar as well as to local restaurations within the adjacent commercial facility.

Bioponica hopes to secure partners, investors and a location to begin installation by EOY 2014. This proposed design was developed with the hopes of securing a location here at the Ponce City Market. While latest news is that the site is not available, we intend take this project to other locations, near and far. 

The Bioponica grow modules include multiple Biogarden, Bio-Incubator for plants and fish and Vermi-Troughs for earthworm farming. The soilless grow systems will support hydroponic and commercial aquaponic techniques of flood and drain growing of plants and fish. More sustainable than other commercial systems the Food Plant™ facility will be entirely organic, with all fertilizer and fish feed derived on site from green biomass waste resources. Water is to be harvested and stored in sufficient size to support plant growth and evaporative cooling needs. 


The urban garden greenhouse, cafe / juice bar and Bioponica retail store / training center will be positioned on the rooftop upper level of a 3 level parking deck.  The view from the above is from within the Juice Bar, facing the market with outdoor patio and seating.