Waste, CO2 and Greenhouse Gasses

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The problem with food and yard waste is that we call it 'waste'. It is a resource! It is a "waste-resource" that contains all the fertilizers organic or otherwise that went to make it.

This waste-resource also contains sequestered carbon from the atmosphere, minerals extracted from the earth plus vitamins and innumerable growth factors produced by the waste-resource source plant

It is necessary to correct our thinking around food and green biomass waste. When properly recycled, it provides essential elements that will feed our animals and give us fertilizers to grow organic food. Why a bioponic process has not been adopted sooner is because it was never fully appreciated as an alternative to conventional, organic and hydroponic farming methods.

With an objective to keeping our waste-resources from dissipating into the atmoshpere and minimizing labor while doing so, Bioponica has developed an anaerobic process for leaching these waste-resources into liquid fertilizer. Turning a waste-issue into a highly concentrated and valuable waste-biproduct can be done quickly, easily and with very little mechanical power or human effort.

Practicing within this new paradigm, farmers will create greater food and water security, become better stewards of the environment and improve sustainability in many realms.


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